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Tilt & Turn Windows

Our tilt & turn windows can be operated to tilt inwards from the top to for ventilation but still ensures security or turned in fully on side hinges for maximum fresh air and ventilation and easy cleaning.

Amber's Tilt & Turn windows offers UPVC window customers the an ideal combination of great value, versatility and security as well as the usual Amber quality, price and service you should expect from a leading trade window fabricator in the Midlands.

Tilt & Turn Windows Features & Benefits

All of our tilt & turn windows from Amber are built to the highest standards with an 'A' rated energy efficiency rating, they are also part of our Defender II range which come with all the latest security enhancements to ensure your home is safe and secure. Some of the other great benefits of our versatile Tile & Turn windows are:

  • Tilt inwards for fresh air ventilation without the draft
  • Turn outwards for maximum ventilation and fresh air
  • Easy to clean when opened either inwards or outwards using the 3 position handle
  • When opened outwards can be used as a fire escape in case of emergency
  • Available in many colours and finishes to suit your home
  • All of our usual glazing options are available to choose from

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'A' Rated Energy Efficient Tilt & Turn Windows

All of our Tilt & Turn windows use our unique technology called "Amb-e-seal"® which provides market leading energy efficient technology to ensure your tilt & turn windows are draught free and keep the warm where it is supposed to be all year round...inside your home.

We are that confident in our tilt & turn windows that we guarantee not to have any heat leakage around any of the opening vents, we achieve this though a number of ways such as our thermally enhanced outer frames and argon gas filled triple sealed units.

You can read more about our energy efficient window technology here.

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Tilt & Turn Window Colour & Finishing Options

Not everyone wants a standard white UPVC finish for their new Tilt & Turn windows, which is why we can provide many different colours and finishes for your new UPVC Tilt & Turn windows to truly compliment your home with a unique style.

Some of our colours and finishes include white, whitegrane, golden oak, rosewood and woodgrain. For more information on our colours and finishes please contact us to arrange a free quote.

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Tilt & Turn Glazing Options

We have multiple different glazing and lead designs you can choose from to compliment your new Tilt & Turn windows ranging from different bevel designs, lead designs and Georgian bar. With hundreds of different variations available you can really make your home unique with the style that you desire.

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100% Genuine Reviews

Dear Mr Roberts

So often as customers, when things go wrong, or we receive bad service, we tell the world, rerely do we spread good news about good service.

Back in my time in industry, our mantra was; it is only Customer Care that is the differentiator between us and the competition.

I am writing to say, thank you, to you and every person from Amber we have recently come in contact with, for their outstanding Customer Care.

Even though the original installation took place in March 2013, everyone concerned, went the extra mile to ensure that as far as possible the two problems we were experiencing were eradicated, (damp ingress on our lounge and noise pollution in our bedroom).

Through their actions, the damp appears to be receding and the noise levels whilst not totally eradicated, it is not by comparison teetering on the brink of silent.

Please pass on our thanks to all involved, the surveyor, the fitters, and the lovely girl on the telephone, who kept us up to date with progress every step of the way. They were all brilliant and a credit to Amber.

Amber, will never have a bad word said about them in this house, we will certainly recommend you to everyone we may come in contact with who is considering replacement windows, or any other services you offer.

Thankyou; Yours faithfully

John and Nora O'Donnell

Mr & Mrs John J O'Donnell on

So far I am very happy with the work carried out at the moment. I had new windows and a new porch installed by Amber that looks better than I originally thought.

Happy and satisifed!

Mrs Chowns, Perry Barr

Mrs Chowns on

Just like to say the 2 lads who installed our new windows and front door we're brilliant, they have done an amazing job and also made sure everything was clean and tidy after they had finished.

Mrs Arrowsmith, Telford

Mrs Arrowsmith on

Fantastic job done by Amber, very happy with the fitters who were clean and tidy.

I am happy to recommend Amber to others.

Mrs Wallace, Derby

Mrs Wallace on

I am more than satisfied with the stunning work Amber windows have done, that's the very reason we use Amber any time we need UPVC work doing on our home.

Fantastic job well done!

Mrs Freeman, Nuneaton

Mrs Freeman on

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